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Minister Harvie Haynes

Site Pastor of Ecclesia Christian Fellowship, Victorville

Executive Director of Facilities Ecclesia Christian Fellowship

Harvie Haynes accepted Jesus Christ at the age of 20 at St. John Missionary Baptist Church of Oakland, California. Under Dr. C.J. Anderson he learned the Word of God and gained a wide variety of service-related ministry experiences. Harvie relocated to Southern California and continued to grow at Park Windsor Baptist Church under Dr. Bill Thurmond. When Harvie, wife and 5 sons moved from Long Beach to Moreno Valley, they united with St. John Baptist Church in Riverside. Harvie accepted the call to preach in 1992 and was ordained in 1997. After 18 years of effective leadership at St. John, Harvie was hired as Facility Manager at Ecclesia. In 2010, Harvie graduated from Biola University with a BS in Organizational Leadership and assumed the responsibilities of Executive Director of Facilities. His tutelage under Dr. Joshua Beckley, his education, his maintenance and construction experience, his heart for people, and his simple approach to preaching and teaching helped Ecclesia grow to new heights. In 2013, Dr. Beckley commissioned Harvie as site pastor of Ecclesia’s first satellite church. Harvie and Josonjia are creating authentic Christians in Ecclesia-Victorville. His focus in ministry is love godly, live holy, and lead wisely.

The daily devotionals posted on this website are an outgrowth of the Adult Sunday School lessons at Ecclesia Victorville. They are intended to foster spiritual growth in the body of Christ. Our prayer is that they become a study aid in your Christian maturity as you draw near to God and endeavor to love godly, live holy and lead wisely all that God has entrusted to your care and influence. You are encouraged to interact with these printed materials by posting comments, testimonials, and prayer requests as the Spirit of God directs.

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