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02/05—Instructions for Passover (Num. 9:1-4, 11-13)

At the beginning of the second year of Israel’s exodus from Egypt, the LORD commanded Moses to instruct Israel to keep the Passover as a memorial. They were to observe it just as they had done the previous year in
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01/08—The Most Perfect Love (Song of Sol. 4:9-15)

When their eyes met for that first time at the well she completely captivated his heart and he knew it was love. It was not an infatuation, like the lust of the flesh that, too often, controls a man prone
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1/1—The Lord Is Present (Gen. 28:15-22)

In obedience to Isaac, his father, Jacob left Beersheba and set out on the 550 mile journey to Haran, the land of his ancestry, in order to find a wife for himself. By night fall he took a rock for
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12/25—Giving out of Love (Rom. 12:6-13)

From the beginning God designed His church to be a fruitful witness of His glory while He dwelt in their midst (cf. Ex. 25:8–9; 33:7; John 1:14-17). To achieve this goal He assigned individuals different virtues, talents, and abilities in
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