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Assembled for Confession and Worship (Nehemiah 9: 1-4)

The general assembly mentioned is this passage occurred two days after the conclusion of the Feast of Tabernacles (aka, Feast of Sukkot, lit. Booths), a festival commemorating the Exodus and Israel’s dependence on the will and grace of God during that period when they lived in booths. Here we see a general day of fasting and prayer where the children of Israel re-assembled themselves before God. Six hours was spent reading the Book of the Law of Moses, and an additional six hours was spent in confession and worship. The Levites were present to make sure the people understood their covenant for this time was also spent in covenant renewal.

Israel was reminded of all the grace and favor God had shown to His people from the time of Abraham to the present. As well, they were reminded of their myriad departures and rebellions against the God of their covenant so that they could recognize that their current bondage and oppression was well warranted.

Our covenant relationship with God is one based on God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God. He has commanded that we (1) love one another and (2) that we fruitfully reproduce, i.e. make disciples.

How many times have you neglected to demonstrate love for others? How often have you rejected those teaching moments and justified your actions by saying something equivalent to: “It’s not my responsibility”? Does your current situation reflect oppression or bondage? In view of all the grace God has lavished upon you, is it time for a covenant renewal?

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