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02/08—Praise the LORD (Psalm 147:1-11)

Praise is our expression of gratitude for some great work manifested in our lives. As Creator, God is to be lauded for His care in sustaining His creation. As LORD, He commands praise from the people He set apart as instruments of His glory. Thus, our natural expression to the LORD our God should always bear in mind the works He accomplished in our lives. Whether we remember His universally mighty works as Creator or His individual works as Lord, our expression of gratitude should be heart felt by those around us because what comes from the heart reached the heart.

Psalm 147 begins and ends with the imperative “Praise the LORD!,” where His covenant name (Yahweh or YHWH) is translated LORD because it was too sacred to be spoken by the Jewish people He set apart as His own. The important lesson is that true praise presupposes relationship. Whether God is to be praised for uplifting the humble, healing the broken-hearted and binding their wounds, naming the stars in His celestial skies, His limitless power or His immeasurable understanding, it is good, pleasant and fitting to sing His praises.

His care extends past those He chosen and include all of creation. In divine wisdom He created and continues to provide for everything, man and beast, righteous and unrighteous. Whether they glorify him or choose not to glorify Him as God, He extends grace. But He takes immense pleasure in those who trust Him.

God does not intend us to reverence Him without cause or reason. When humanity could not live up to His divine expectation of righteousness, He sent His Son to do so in our stead. In perfectly following God’s Law Jesus fulfilled the Father’s expectation. In His sacrificial death He encumbered the sins of humanity and absorbed God’s wrath. In His resurrection, He vanquished death and deposited the requisite righteous to the account of all who trust Him. Now that’s reason to praise Him!

How will you express gratitude for the manifestation of His power in your life?

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