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Redeemer of Israel’s Iniquities (Ps. 130: 1-8)

There are times when life’s circumstances are so dismal that we must climb up from the depth of misery over sin to confession. When we have truly confessed known sin we are assured that God’s mercy grants us access into His presence. And it is there, in His presence, that we find what amounts to more than all earthly security. We find absolute forgiveness. This is the setting of a Psalm 130.

What does absolute forgiveness feel like? Well, when we come to God in faith He promises to forgive iniquities, heal diseases, redeem from the pit of despair, crown us with steadfast love, extent mercy, satisfy us with goodness, and renew our strength like that of eagles. Once God has strengthen you there is but one possible response, continual praise!

Take a moment to reflect on past dismal circumstances. Now what does your praise look like?

One Response to Redeemer of Israel’s Iniquities (Ps. 130: 1-8)

  1. Nichole Scales / Reply

    October 29, 2017 at 8:15 pm

    My praise is is on my tongue pretty much daily. I show my adoration for God in my quiet time and in my testimony with people that come across my path. God has cleaned my messy past and loved me through the process of redemption.

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