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12/29–Honesty: The Best Policy (Prov. 12:19-26)

An accurate study of Jesus’ life recorded in the gospels reveals that He never condemned a person for their unrighteousness. He came to save and give His life for the unrighteous. On the other hand those who were righteous in their own eyes (self-righteous) received His most scathing remarks. Here the Proverbs contrasts the actions of the self righteous man and his speech with the actions and speech of the wise. Each is readily identifiable, you need only to listen to them speak. From the abundance of a person’s heart the mouth speaks (cf. 12:17, 20; Matthew 12:34; Luke 6:45).

The foolish person’s heart is so completely filled with annoyance, frustration and worry that accusation, belittling, manipulation, mocking, insults, condemnation, and harshness spews from his mouth like bullets from a machine gun. In contrast, the heart of the wise is fortified with God’s Word. He shrugs off the ill effects of foolishness and his speech brings healing and health to hurtful situation (cf. Ephesians 4:29). The speech of the wise is acceptable to the Lord and He delights in their actions. But the ways of the foolish is disgusting and the Lord detests their words.

The best practices of life are not established haphazardly but are learned through diligent application of God’s Word. Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6) and His words instruct the faithful in the best ways to live according to God’s Word (cf. John 6:63). When we faithfully apply His words we know how to answer foolish people (cf. Colossians 4:6), so as not to be caught up in their misery.

Have you ever been ensnared by false accusations, manipulated by conniving schemes, or been belittled by the insults of foolish people? You can shrug off their foolishness and walk in the power of God’s Spirit. His Word leads the faithful in the pathway of honesty and integrity to the glory of God. You can become one in whom the Lord delights or you can walk in the wisdom of your own mind. Jesus will not condemn you, but the lessons of foolishness are certainly expensive. Honesty is the beśt policy, but the choice remains with you. Walk in wisdom or be mired in the misery of foolishness. What will you choose?

3 Responses to 12/29–Honesty: The Best Policy (Prov. 12:19-26)

  1. Ashante / Reply

    December 29, 2015 at 9:16 pm

    By far my favorite. I love this and this is great to apply in life. Thank you for being obedient to God’s prompting.

  2. Lawrence Spencer / Reply

    December 30, 2015 at 11:15 am

    Very nice scriptures just the right time right words

    • Ashante / Reply

      December 30, 2015 at 3:18 pm

      Isn’t it. Praise the Lord

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